Apparel line of MEDIUM RARE from the United States first landed in Japan

The collection released this time is a collection focusing on Made in Japan and focusing on sports style. All products are Made in JAPAN manufactured in Japan. Not only the silhouette and materials, but also the details are meticulously managed.

A collection that combines the production technology of Japan, the native country of Japanese American designer Yoda, with the latest fashion in New York, USA is a must-see.
  • MEDIUM RARE 2020 S/S
All 17 types, all unisex










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In the spring of 2016, CEO Yoda, who had traded with vintage items for branded goods, established the fashion brand "Medium Rare Product LLC". A vintage bag of a famous brand, embroidered with a unique idea, was presented at a fashion show in Paris. Started trading with well-known select shops such as Maxfield in LA and Montaigne Market in Paris. Within one year of brand establishment, Beyonce and Kendall Jenner's possession will be snapped and their popularity will accelerate. Transaction requests from many select shops flooded in, and the company has established itself as a popular brand by developing collaborative works with zanabayne. In 2018, we will develop not only custom bags but also original apparel products. In collaboration with the brand "Clot" produced by the famous Hong Kong actor Edison Chen, the product has been sold all over the world, mainly in Asia. Currently, he is energetically developing apparel, custom vintage products, and collaboration with famous brands.