Italian watch GaGa MILANO (Gaga Milano) sold at a special price of up to 50% OFF

The STAY HOME project started in April with the aim of providing content that can be enjoyed at home. Up to now, we have published a free MIX list and planned presents. In response to the declaration of an emergency situation, the Italian watch "GaGa MILANO" was approved for this project, and Gaga Milano watches will be sold at a special price for a limited period of time.

In this project, GaGa MILANO watches can be purchased at special prices of up to 50% OFF, and all products sold are genuine products imported and sold by GaGa MILANO Japan Import Agent (GaGa JAPAN Co., Ltd.), and will be provided with the same warranty and service as if purchased at GaGa MILANO directly managed stores.

The project is scheduled to be held until the declaration of emergency is lifted.

From the classic model to the limited model, we have a large lineup. I hope it will help you to make shopping at home fun and meaningful even a little.


Stores: PrinchPeprive Official Online Store

Period: 5/11 (mon) - 5/31 (sun) (until the declaration of emergency is lifted)

Note: Products of this project cannot be used in conjunction with other coupons.
All products sold are genuine products imported and sold by GaGa MILANO Japan Import Distributor (GaGa JAPAN Co., Ltd.).
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Milan in the 1950s. GAGA / Gager> means "Dandy" (a man who pretends to be himself with his own pointing, sticking to his own values in detail) in Milanese's unique way of saying. With this GAGA spirit as a source of inspiration, the watch brand GaGa MILANO was born in the city of Milan in 2004. GaGa MILANO is created from the idea of "belting a 1900s pocket watch and turning it into a watch" by Reuben Tomerra, a talented producer of wristwatch belts and a passionate lover of watches. It landed in Japan for the first time in 2009 and its iconic design sparked a great movement.