Terms of service

On the occasion of the use

An object does a product and service (called "this service" as follows) to offer in online store "PRINCIPE PRIVE( プリンチペプリヴェ )" (called "our store" as follows) which PRINCIPE prive (called "us" as follows) Co., Ltd. runs, and the Terms of Use (called "this agreement" as follows) of "プリンチペプリヴェ" are applied between fate, us and an individual and the visitor of the corporation.
Because you consider that the visitor agreed all conditions to write down in this agreement when you have you use our store, before the use, please confirm it by all means.
In addition, this agreement may be revised on account of us. I update the information on the page of our store when I revised it or tell a visitor by the method that we establish particularly. When I have a visitor use our store after a revision, I consider that I agreed to the agreement that I revised.


Attention in the use

(the price of product)

The price of product to sell in our store varies according to a product. In the page of each product, please confirm it.


(order for product)

After having had you choose the product in the page of each product, please fill in the order for product including the destination and the means of payment and the information that are necessary for sending it. It is essential, and there is not the sign-in on this occasion. Did it with security of the stock when an order completed it not a point in time when put a product in a cart; is. Because you send the confirmation email of the contents which had you fill it out and order contents when an order is completed, please can receive an email from our store.
In addition, approve the necessary confirmation work beforehand afterwards because you use an email mainly and may contact me on the telephone.


(shipment of the product)

In the destination, not only the country but also the overseas shipment is possible. A method to send and the days that begin to be able to arrive are different every product. In addition, there is a case not to be able to choose some methods to send depending on a product. In addition, I send it out every order in our store.


(returned goods, exchange of the product)

I try to keep accuracy of the product explanation in our store, but, in a mail-order characteristic, there is really the case that the product which reached it at hand is different from the image of the visitor. I cannot accept the return of goods by the circumstances of such a case and other visitors.
Because you change it when there are deficiency and a secret defect to the product which I sent and cope, please contact our store within seven days after a product receipt. Our store bears the postage of this case. But it should be correspondence by the repayment when a replacement cannot prepare. In addition, I cannot accept the exchange by the circumstances of the visitor and the different exchange with the product.
About the lack of the product, deficiency, a defect, I shall not take responsibility for our providing salvation determining as above.


(means of payment)

You can use credit card, bank transfer, C.O.D., Amazon login & payment, Jaccs payment in installments for paying. But there is a case not to be able to choose some means of payment depending on a product. In addition, there is a case not to be able to choose some means of payment by the method to send either.
In addition, it may cost a fee depending on a means of payment separately,; but of the all visitor burden you.
The fee to produce there including the case that is necessary for an amount of money and the amount of of a case to have change a means of payment by the circumstances of the visitor and the order receipt of money balance adjustment of none of visitor burden you.
There are making a limit for the use in our store in the case of receipt refusal by the C.O.D. and a thing taking a legal procedure.


(cancellation of the product)

I cannot cancel the order that began shipment preparations. In this case I cope as return of goods by the circumstances of the visitors. In addition, approve it when you cannot send a product by ignorance of the long-term absence of the visitor or the destination because it should be cancellation.
In addition, I make sure of the state management of the product to sell in our store, but there is the thing that deficiency is found by a check before the shipment and a replacement cancels it on account of our store including the case that cannot prepare.


(change of order contents)

When the change of the order contents including a means of payment and the method to send is hoped for, please contact our store. But I did not hear the change of the order that began shipment preparations. In addition, the problem that occurred when I neglected a change procedure cannot take responsibility.


(the handling of the visitor information)

I manage the information (personal information and order information) of the visitor who took it in our store in conformity with a privacy policy to establish separately severely.It is this in detailPlease refer to をご.


(prohibition act)

When I perform the following act on the occasion of the use of our store, besides, the cancellation of a stop and the contract of the business with the visitor may decline business in afterward.
1.Act to pretend to be act and another person filling in false contents, and to fill in
2.The act that I apply for in an act to propose products to without intention to purchase and a fraud purpose
3.Act of the observance of a contract delay of the payment debts such as rates
4.Act to disturb delivery including the receipt refusal of the product
5.Act to disturb our business administration, act to damage it again
6.Act to infringe the right (including the copyright) of us and other visitors and third parties
7.Act against public order and morals, act to violate other laws and ordinances again
8.In addition, act to judge that we are inappropriate


(interruption of the service)

We work on a computer, a network apparatus, the trouble such as lines, a stop, a blackout, a natural disaster, maintenance and may suspend the offer of duties of our store and this service due to others.


Governing law

About the interpretation of these Terms of Use, the application, I assume a Japanese federal law a governing law regardless of a governing law application rule.



It is us or contents provider, and the copyright holders such as the manuscript of contents placed in our store, an image, an illustration, an animation, a sound, a photograph, a design, data are protected by Copyright Act.


Immunity from responsibility

When a visitor receives some kind of damage (regardless of indirect direct を) by a product offered by the use of our store again by our store and service, we shall not take responsibility for the compensation for damages at all. In addition, the returned goods of the product is limited within seven days from product arrival and shall be able to do it. When we perform exchange with the quality goods about the warranty liability of the product, I shall not bear compensation for damages responsibility.



1.When need of the suit occurs about the use of this service, I do Tokyo District Court with an exclusive jurisdiction court of the first trial.
2.When compensation for damages duty occurs by this trading value nonpayment or other agreement violations of the user, and we use a lawyer for the request collection, I do it with the burden on user about the legal fee.