Princh Péprvais is a company founded in 2015.With the support of brands, designers and artists from all over the world, it is a worldwide enterprise brand.The company has signed contracts with 13 national brands to collaborate with large companies such as BANDAI and Toei, as well as luxury retailers such as high-end clock brands, BARNEYS NEW YORK, and others.


Ppreve is an overseas brand of imported brands, but has its own face as a luxury brand to expand its own products.In particular, the customized products that utilize the skills of craftsmen are highly evaluated.It has been taken up by major media in the world, and has been improving its knowledge in the world every day.


In the Principé Ppreve, we are actively working on real events.The event "SNEAKER BUZZ", which uses a wristwatch and a sneaker's commuter ticket from the stage, is proud of the number of mobilized mobilization in various parts of the country.