Principe Prive is a young company founded in 2015. It has become a worldwide corporate brand with the support of brands, designers and artists around the world. We contract with brands in 13 countries and collaborate with high-end watch brands, luxury retailers such as BARNEYS NEW YORK, as well as large companies such as BANDAI and Toei.


Principe Prive is an exclusive importer of foreign brands, but also has the face of a luxury brand that develops its own products. Above all, customized products that take advantage of the craftsman's technical capabilities are highly evaluated. By being featured in major media around the world, we are improving our name recognition in the world every day.


Principe Prive is actively engaged in real events. At the event "SNEAKER BUZZ," where you can drop vouchers and sneaker vouchers from the stage, you can enjoy the club scene with a high mobilization number all over the country.