The jewelry maker which spread out as for Creux Automatiq( cru automatic) in Amsterdam more than 130 years "began as a concept in production すること "with a high-performance watch at the price that" was simple as new business of Culet Jewellery( クレッツジュエリー) in 2009".

The team which "the Dan rumble" of the designer led learned various material and component についてを which constituted the clock of the precision of the movement, the production of the case and the high quality in a Swiss clock factory for two years.

Based on this knowledge, they gathered up the unique, avant-garde design which not only they were classic, but also conveyed factor of the modern design. When I hiked in the Swiss "Creux du Van( クリュデュヴァン" ravine of ル ソリア, the rumble which devoted passion to outdoor and adventure hit on the name.

The case design (the signature of the Creux Automatiq brand now) of Ghost was made first in the homework shop of the rumble in 2009, and it was cast by a solid pure silver sliver made. And the original design is followed faithfully to this day.


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8 products