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A needle antique as for the PW8051 series and the classical model that a Roman numeral matched with exquisite balance. I let a skeleton face characterizing プリンチペウォッチ and an antique style fuse without destroying the overall image by being slightly than other models small, and setting the range to show of the movement to the atmosphere of the design.

Case size:44.5mm/15mm
Rag width:24mm
A case material: Stainless steel
A strap:Leather
A buckle:Stainless steel
Glass:Mineral glass
A function:Time, share, the second hand
Waterproofing:3 standard atmosphere
A movement:Self-winding watch

▼About プリンチペウォッチ
I started for the purpose of providing a design, the quality that there was from the experience that "PRINCIPE Watches( プリンチペウォッチ )" acted as the import sole agent of many overseas clocks that import of overseas clocks sole agent "プリンチペプリヴェ" presented in the times for low price in 2019. The watch that the value in the meaning to know the time by the spread of smartphones fades. Meanwhile, if it is a chance to know the charm of the analog watch to a youth living in now...... It is produced by との thought. If I am alone and can know the world of the watch towards most by this project as one of the opportunities realizing the value of the watch again again as an entrance of the mechanical clock, I am happy.