A new model is released from "BLADE COLLECTION" of "ZINVO", a unique watch with a turbine type second hand.

The watch "ZINVO", which features a patent-pending turbine-type second hand, broke on SNS immediately after its first landing in Japan and its characteristic appearance and mechanism attracted attention. Two new models are released from the collection "BLADE" that symbolizes such a brand. We started selling at Principe Prive Omotesando store and official online store.

Finished with a playful coloring while retaining the features of the turbine type second hand. The "ASTRO", which was inspired by the meteorite, incorporates a scratch pattern on the dial to create a unique texture that expresses the rough texture of the meteorite.

From this time on, the SEIKO NH35 self-winding movement has been adopted, and sapphire glass has been used for the windshield, improving specifications.


Model Name: ASTRO
Sales price: 35,000 yen (excluding tax)

Case: Stainless steel case
Dial: Short hand, long hand, turbine type second hand, date display
Strap: Cowhide belt
Glass: Sapphire glass
Movement: Automatic (self-winding) SEIKO NH35
Waterproof performance: 5 bar (water resistant for daily life)
Case: 44MM/12MM
Accessories: Exclusive BOX 1 year product warranty



Featuring a patent-pending design, a rotating turbine on a dial inspired by a jet turbine replaces the second hand.
Due to its unique appearance, it has caught fire on SNS, and nowadays it is a representative collection of ZINVO, and it has opened in fashion fairs and premium boutiques in over 40 countries.

■ Sales stores
Principe Prive Omotesando
2F-3F, 3-5-19 Kita-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Business hours: 11:00~20:00
Regular holiday: Tuesday

■ About ZNVO
Born in the United States in 2013, ZINVO is a fashion forward watch brand created for a young, dynamic and style-sensitive audience. With a modern design, quality watch movements, top-notch materials and affordable prices, ZINVO offers a watch that stands out from the crowd. ZINVO is constantly creating watches that tend to offer premium quality watch movements and high impact aesthetics that are always reliable. Featuring a patent-pending design in which a rotating turbine on a dial inspired by a jet turbine replaces the second hand, the BLADE collection has already become an international trend since the first year, with fashion fairs and premium boutiques in over 40 countries. We have collaborated with various luxury clubs such as "Group 63" and "AWG CLUB".