"METEORITE," a limited model from the Italian clock, D1 MILANO, for the 250-year-old clock.The sale of the world's 250 models of scarcity has been launched at the Ppreve, the world's largest city.

"METEORITE," a limited model based on a meteorite, was released from the Italian watch manufacturer D1 MILANO (Diewan Milan).We have started selling 250 rare time-pieces around the world in front of the Pprevet bookstore and official onrah stores.

The number of "METEORITE," which has been released this time, is 250.The number of these books will be sold in Japan.
It features a black coated case based on the D1 MILANO's popular collection of ULTRA THIN, and a character that is inspired by meteorites.

The number of inbound shipments is very limited, but it has already been sold out in online stores in the country, and only a few books are received in the Pépréve.If the minute is to be sold out, the next shipment will be a scarlet piece of time.

The selling price is 66,000 yen (tax included), which is limited to 250 books.

No. 250 UTBJME World Limited
Selling price: 66,000 yen (tax included)

Case size: 40mm x 40 mm
Case Thickness: 7 mm
Case: Stainless steel
Feng: sapphire glass
Band: Stainless Steel
Bandwidth: 16 to 25mm
Arm: 13.5?20.5cm
Weight: 109g
Moubement: MIYOTA 1L22 (Quartz)
Water-proof: 5 atmospheric pressure (5ATMs) of daily life

Limited to stores
Princhippurve Table Sando
3-5-19 2F-3F, Minato Ward, Minato Ward, Tokyo

About D1 MILANO (Milano Milano)
MILANO is an Italian newbrand that was founded in 2013.Support from superstars, athletes, singers, artists and influencers from all over the world has become the world's well-branded miracle brand.Launched by CEO Dario Spallone, we currently have an agency in 33 countries, based in Dubai and Hong Kong, and have stores in 33 countries, including Lusia Via Roma, La Rinascente, Galleries Lafayette and Harvey Nichols GCC.Innovative materials, and design inspired by the Italian cleansing and aesthetic senses of the 1970s, will be a mast for all the people who follow the epidemic. By Forbes, he was nominated for the top 10 young Italian brands that redefine fashion.Top fashion leaders in the fashion industry, such as GQ, Vesz, Elle, and Esquire, have also been nominated.