PW8823, a new collection of metal bracelets from PRINCIPE Watches, is on sale.

PW8823, a new collection featuring a metal bracelet from the brand PRINCIPE WATCHES, will be launched from PRINCIPE watches, the exclusive importer of watches from overseas.We have started sales at the Principe Prive Omotesando shop and the official online store.

The PWH8823, which was released this time, is a collection that adopts a combination of skeleton face x metal bracelet, which is popular among the other brands that have been developed in the princhprivy, and it will be expanded to all 5 colors, such as PWH8823 B1 which black and gold contrast is reflected.Based on the concept of Principe watches,"the opportunity for young people to discover the appeal of analog watches,"the selling price was 3 million yen (excluding tax).

All 5 colors selling price: 33,000 yen (tax included)

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Model name: PWH8823
Sale price: 33,000 yen (tax included)

Case size: 40mm / 10mm
Rug width: 22mm
Case material: Alloy
Strap: Alloy
Glass:mineral glass
Functions: hours, minutes, seconds
Waterproof: 3 ATM
Movement: automatic winding

■ Stores
Principe Prive Omotesando shop
〒107-0061 東京都 港区 港区 港区 港区 港区 北 北3-5-19 2F-3F

Prince Philip's official online store

■ About the Principe watch
PRINCIPE rivet, the exclusive importer of overseas watches, has launched PRINCIPE Watches in 2019 with the aim of providing low-priced design and quality that has been in the past from the experience of having served as the sole importer of many overseas watches.The popularity of smartphones has diminished the value of watches in the sense of knowing the time.Now playing: 'GMA' deals and steals: deals and steals....。It is made from the thought of.As a gateway to mechanical watches and as a catalyst to re-recognize the value of watches, we hope that many people will come to know the world of watches in this project.

■ About purinchipriv
Principe Prive is an importer and distributor of foreign brands, but it also has the face of a luxury brand that develops its own custom products.We have gathered support from brands, designers and artists all over the world, and we have done a lot of collaborations.At present, primitives have grown into a worldwide corporate brand, attracting attention from major media outlets such as HYPEBEAST.