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Display the time by rotary デイスク of three pieces performed inspire of by a slide rule; is unique; timepiece "klokers( Crocker's)." A design sense of France and the watch of Crocker who a clock production technology of Switzerland performs collaboration, and was born have an unforgettable impact if I watch it once.


| The strap which is removable in one-touch!

The change of the strap is possible easily by sliding the back of the main body of clock and the metal fittings of the strap. The way of enjoying doubles if I choose the strap to the feeling of the day! Please choose a leather strap of 1 winding and 2 winding, ミラネーゼブレス, the favorite strap.


| Specifications

A movement: Quartz (product made in Switzerland)
A case material: Metal polymer case
Case size: Case diameter 44.0mm X thickness 11.5mm
Waterproofing performance: Everyday life waterproofing
A guarantee: Two years guarantee
Product made in Switzerland


| About Crocker's

Refined product design and a rich variety of colors to be usable only with the clock main body, a strap for an indication method at totally new time that I know the time because a clockface moves. The Crocker's is the timepiece that creative people express personality freely.

Because three pieces of rotary disks comprised of the outside in order of a "share" "second" at "time" work, I do a clock.
In combination with the strap of the favorite color Crocker's only for oneself!