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【Reserved products】 【44mm】 Apple Watch Case - SP44 Black/Black

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| This product is a pre-order product.

  • This product is scheduled for worldwide simultaneous delivery in December 2020, and it is a limited production of 999 bottles worldwide, so we recommend that you consider it as soon as possible.
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  • If you order now,From February to March 2021Will be delivered.

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Our store Principe Prive is the only japanese import agent of GOLDEN CONCEPT.


| product details

You can easily attach it to your APPLE WATCH by simply stopping the supplied screws. It is finished in "luxury watch" which does not seem to be APPLE WATCH.

A regular Apple Watch,Work, party, workout, etc.We're creating a case that can be turned into a watch that can be worn at any time。 This classic design matches any lifestyle.

Made in the same manufacturing method that the Swiss watch industry has used for centuries, this watch with a timeless design, the case is made of sturdy 316L stainless steel and the surface is expertly hand-polished by skilled craftsmen, giving the APPLE WATCH a special and universal look.

GOLDEN CONCEPT 44mm Apple Watch Caseis limited to 999 pieces worldwide, each with a unique number engraved on the temple.

※ This product will be sold in the case alone. Please note that the Apple Watch body is not included.

Our store Principe Prive is the only japanese import agent of GOLDEN CONCEPT. 


| Specs

Compatibility:44mm APPLE WATCH Series 4、5、6and SE.

CASE:316L stainless steel

Case size:42mm x 46 mm

Waterproof: According to the waterproofness of the APPLE WATCH

Case thickness:12mm

Bracelet: Rubber with 316L stainless steel pin buckleStrap

Weight:69 grams (117 grams including Apple Watch)

Accessories:Instruction manual, watch case, bracelet, screws

* Due to the characteristics of this product, you will not be available for health care functions such as heart rate measurement. Please be careful after agreeing in advance.

| note 

  • This product will be sold by case alone. The Apple Watch body is not included.
  • Since the back case is installed, health care functions such as heart rate measurement will not be available.