Creux Automatiq started in 2009 as a new business of jewelry maker "Culet Jewelery" that has been in Amsterdam for over 130 years, with the concept of "making high-performance wristwatch at a reasonable price". ..

At the Swiss watch factory, a team led by designer “Dun Rumble” spent two years learning about the precision of the movement, the manufacture of the cases and the various materials and components that make up a high-quality watch.

Building on this knowledge, they have put together a unique, avant-garde design that conveys elements of modern design as well as being classic. Passionate about the outdoors and adventures, Rumble came up with a name when hiking in Le Soria's Swiss "Creux du Van" valley.

The Ghost case design (now the Creux Automatiq branded signature) was first made at the Rumble home workshop in 2009 and was cast from a robust sterling silver sliver. And to this day, the original design is faithfully protected.


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